Before European Settlement, there were more than 200 Aborginal Languages in Australia. Each area had its own language, and many members of tribes were bilingual and could speak more than one language. Most of these early Aboriginal languages have become or are in danger of becoming extinct.

Try learning an Aboriginal language.
Listen here to a story in the Noongar language.
Use an online Aborginal Dictionary to find these words in an Aboriginal Language:
  • fire
  • hill
  • water
  • snake
  • meat
  • egg
  • fish
  • turtle
  • star
  • sun
  • moon
The Wagiman online dictionary Wagiman is an Australian Aboriginal language spoken by a small number of Aborigines in the Northern Territory.
The Bangerang Cultural Centre has some word lists (Scroll down to the drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen). The Bangerang People are from the Murray Goulburn area around Shepparton and Echuca in Victoria, and Deniliquin and Finley in New South Wales.

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