Before European settlement, there were three Aboriginal tribes around our area (Endeavour Hills, Narre Warren, Doveton, Berwick and Pakenham)
  • the Bunerong (also spelt Bunurong)
  • the Wurundjeri
  • the Kurnai in Gippsland. [1]

After European settlement, many Aborigines died because the places where they went hunting and gathering for food were taken by the new settlers. They also got sick because they had no resistance to new diseases that came with the new settlers.

In 1837 a Police Camp was set up at Dandenong, and a Native Police Corps was set up in Stud Rd, but it did not last very long because of poor leadership. Some of the white leaders got drunk, and some of the Aborigines got into fights. [2] Aboriginal Trackers often helped to find white people who got lost in the bush. [3]
You can see a picture of Aboriginal troopers here. This area is now called the Police Paddocks.

In 1841, William Thomas, Assistant Protector of Aborigines set up an Aboriginal Station at Narre Warren, but in ten years, more than half the Aborigines died.

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