These are some photos from museums that Miss Hill visited on her trip to Russia and Germany in 2012.
These are from the Pergamon Museum in Berlin.
Pergamon was a city in Ancient Greece but now it is part of Turkey. See the map at Wikipedia.
Berlin 096.JPG
The Pergamon altar
Berlin 098.JPG
A model of how the Pergamon altar originally looked. You can see the frieze in the background.

Berlin 101.JPG
From the altar at the Acropolis c 150 BC
Berlin 102.JPG
A close-up of the parakeet in the mosaic

Berlin 105.JPG
A model of the city of Pergamon
Berlin Day 2 060.JPG
A model of the Acropolis at Athens

Berlin Day 2 053.JPG
A Greek amphora by the famous potter Andokides
Berlin 138.JPG
A statue showing how Greek women dressed

Berlin Day 2 062.JPG
The famous Greek politician Pericles
Hermitage 070.JPG
Feeding the swans was women's work

The vase on the right and all the other photos are from the Hermitage museum in St Petersburg in Russia.
Hermitage 078.JPG
Greek drinking vessels in all different shapes
Hermitage 082.JPG
A golden 'celery leaf' wreath from Kerch, a city in Ukraine colonised by the Ancient Greeks

Hermitage 084.JPG
A sarophagus for burying bodies, also from Kerch
Hermitage 088.JPG
This vessel was found inside the sarcophagus and had nuts inside it.

Hermitage 090.JPG
This vessel from Kerch shows the hunt.
Hermitage 093.JPG
This vessel decorated with a sphinx (half human, half winged lion) is from Phanagoria, a city in Russia that was colonised by the Greeks.

Hermitage 092.JPG
Also from Phanagoria, this is the Greek goddess Aphrodite inside a shell.

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