Animals have been used in war time for thousands of years. We would like to learn more about this.

This is our class search plan.

What we want to learn about Animals in Wartime by Years 3 &.jpg

Click the links below to see how Australians have used animals in wars

Australian War Memorial videos - see how horses, donkeys, camels, and dogs were used. NB Some of the videos don't have any sound.
Australian War Memorial audio - these podcasts are recordings of someone reading pages from M is for Mates, Animals in Wartime from Ajaz to Zep

Download the book, M is for Mates from the Department of Veteran's Affairs.


Animals in War memorial
Pack animals carrying equipment
Newspaper article: Cats and mice used in war (check out the sexist remarks too!)

Click here to see inforrmation found by Y5&6 to help the Y3 & 4 students.

To find out more about birds, camels, dogs, donkeys and horses used in war, click the links in the menu on the sidebar.

Click here to see some first drafts of Year 3 & 4 projects. They are not edited and there are some mistakes but we think that you can tell how good they could be if we had more time in term 4 to finish them off.