Wetlands (not counting seas or oceans) are places that are always or sometimes covered by water. They can be
  • swamps and bogs
  • lakes
  • billabongs
  • rivers and creeks
Water in Australian wetlands can be
  • deep or shallow,
  • fast-moving, slow-moving or still
  • fresh, brackish or salty
  • warm or cold or sometimes frozen over in Alpine areas.
For a holiday, a wetland that was on a river would be best because you could canoe along it to see the wildlife and camp in a tent on the banks of the river.
The Murray River is the largest river in Australia. Along the Murray there are thousands of billabongs full of interesting wildlife.
You could see creatures found nowhere else in the world such as
Large towns along the Murray include
  • Echuca
  • Albury-Wodonga