The First Fleet

All the links below are from the HTAA (History Teachers Association of Australia) AC History Units, Year 4 The First Fleet.
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Useful links for students

Conditions in England in the 18th century (1700-1799)

The case of John Walker, convicted for stealing onions (A bushel is about 36 litres).
A list of convicts transported to the colonies including NSW (Check out the ages of the convicts).
Find out about Henry Catlin, aged 14, transported to Tasmania in 1842 for stealing 17 ½ pence. (He was not on the First Fleet, but his story shows you how poor people got involved in crime).
Learn about the hulks where the prisoners were kept.

Preparations for the Journey

The First Fleeters

See here for the names of the ships and who was on them.
Search for First Fleeters at this database

First Contact between the First Fleeters and the Aborigines

Use this map to find the name of the Aborigines who owned the land where the First Fleeters landed.
Read The Diary of Lieutenant William Bradley
View these video clips from the ABC Series The First Australians.

Survival in a New Land

View the diary of William Bradley
See the list of rations for marines and convicts, (the women and children got less), and compare it with this painting of the Aborigines fishing in the same area.