Fossils are the remains of creatures that lived millions of years ago.
There are two types of fossils
  • body fossils that show what the fossil looked like (e.g.skeletons and body parts of creatures)
  • trace fossils that show what the creatures did (e.g. footrpints, fossil poo)

Miss Hill's favourite fossil is the Trilobite because Trilobites are soooooo old. They can be 250 million years old or even 500 million years old. There are lots of different kinds of trilobites, and people discover new trilobite fossil
Trilobite eye
s every year (if they keep their eyes open and watch out for them when they are near rocks).

They can be really tiny (only one millimetre) or quite big, up to 70 cm long. (That's more than two rulers long!) But most of them are small enough to hold in your hand, like the one Miss Hill has in her collection.

Trilobites were not the first creatures on the planet to have eyes but theirs were the best design!

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